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Robot Orchestra!

A diverse collection of intelligent sound devices and adapted instruments performing the microtonal soundscape composition 'Pieces'.

The composition draws from natural sources such as birdsong, fire, distant road traffic. From there it extracts unique pitches and qualities to find the music hidden in the sound experience around us. 

The mixture of objects create a complexity of sound. Electronics capable of decision making ensure that every performance is subtly unique. 

"Spent an absorbing hour wandering around, being still then wandering around again. Meditative, intriguing, sounds swelling, ebbing, flowing, birdsong weaving (was that a frog?), therapeutic and more."
Dave Quayle, Lillabullero

Snippet from the installation at Stantonbury, Milton Keynes 2018

Some of the performers: These are organ pipes from a church organ from 1900. Decommissioned from a church in Bedford. The big one is over five feet high and sounds wonderful! :) Controlled by microcontroller that scripts its' part in the composition. 

The important thing about this device is the way it distributes sound through space. Spacial location is interesting in that you can hear it, but it isn't a sound...

This performer uses some unique transducers for an inimitable sonic characteristic. 

This objects big, deep sound doesn't reproduce well on most computer speakers. But you can see here the enthusiastic motion it creates... :)

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