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Peddlers Pack! - Interactive street theatre

Nine unusual sound objects make an automated orchestra, integrated into an interactive street theatre performance. The microtonal composition creates an ethereal backdrop to performance by Jessica Rost and Co. Not to be missed!


Winter Droving, Penrith, 27th October

Lakes Alive, Lake District, 7th, 8th, 9th September

Bedlam Fair in Bath, 2nd and 3rd of June

Milton Keynes Fringe Festival, 17th 18th 19th July

The composition 'Five Outdoor Scenes' is based on, and interprets the ambient soundscape found in Milton Keynes. It's microtonal harmonies are derived from notes found in the road sound. Other found elements include time-based qualities taken from raindrops and animal sounds and the sweeping motion of wind in leaves. The piece aims to make the listener more conscious of the citys' soundtrack and its emotional impact.

The sound is realised by a collection of ten sound objects. Each with distinct qualities and role in the overall composition. In effect, each is an instrument in an orchestra with the listener free to move and explore the sound. 

"It's like looking through a raindrop"

"I know - it's the same as when you put a shell to your ear"

"The sound was just brilliant." Gwen Hales for Bedlam Fair


Some intelligent sound objects

Jessica Rost and Co as The Peddlars Pack

Intelligent sound objects and a robot conductor

To allow for a more complex orchestration than was possible in previous pieces, each sound object is equipped with a small computer that can communicate with a robot 'conductor'. This gives the possibility of millisecond synchronisation of events, complex interactions and live control of the orchestra to suit changing circumstances!

It's based on a network of the powerful, tiny and low cost ESP8266 modules. One built into each sound object. The conductor is built from a Raspberry Pi, wireless router, batteries, plywood and shameless bits of string. The tricky bit was deciding on exactly how they would communicate and what they would say...

Five Outdoor Scenes - Stuart Moore

This multi-channel piece can't really be represented properly in stereo, but this at least gives the gist! :)


Each sound object contains a tiny wifi enabled computer...

...which means the robot conductor can give directions to the machine performers!

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