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About Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore is a tech artist (a.k.a. creative technologist) living in Milton Keynes, England. Stuart used to describe himself as a sound artist that worked closely with technology and his microtonal work explored the intersection between perception of the involuntary soundscape and purposeful human composition. Over time however, the tech itself became the focus. His current work in technology is driven by the belief that there is no true separation between tech and nature and that machine perception provides a unique opportunity to understand a huge array of other human and non-human ways of perceiving.

Stuart has developed a number of unique microphones and a range of organically inspired machine vision techniques. He is currently studying a Masters in A.I. and his Studio - The Floating Bear is a riot of untidy wiring.

Compositions, installations, workshops :

Toggler #3 – workshop to create web based experiences from diverse tech. Northamptonshire 2021

Image from Sound – workshop creating laser based image. Northamptonshire, 2021

Supporting tech – Machine vision tech to facilitate the video installation Triple Harvest. 2021

The Sound Of the Space You Displace – interactive installation, MKCalling 2021

Arduino Etchasketch – online workshop with physical IOT elements, 2021

Toggler #2 – workshop to create web experiences from diverse tech. Northamptonshire 2021

Toggler – website based installation for Fermynwoods. 2021

Many Hands Make Light Work – installation in collaboration with Sarah Gillet, 2021

Many Mods – workshop creating virtual world building, Northamptonshire 2021

Phone box gallery – online workshop leading to exhibition in a telephone box, Fermynwoods 2020

Invisible Energy – workshop with diverse tech. Northamptonshire, 2020

Expressive Machines – Robotics and AI workshop, milton keynes, 2020

Online and AI – online workshop exploring creative AI and generative art. 2020

2 x Machine Eyes – AI based interactive installation for Fermynwoods. 2020

Sound music and Environment – workshop exploring sound and perception of music. MK 2020

The Return - Multi-channel installation with Jessica Rost, Green Gathering festival, 2019

The Other Kind of Fireflies - Interactive Installation, Northampton, 2019 

Human Theremin - Interactive piece / workshop, Fermyn Woods, Northampton, 2019

Hugh - Mobile installation, Milton Keynes Art at the Lake Festival, 2019

Astronomical Clock - composition for dance performance, Prague, 2019

Fireflies - Multi-channel installation, NN Contemporary Gallery, Northampton, 2019

Peddlars Pack - mobile installation, Winter Droving festival, Penrith, 2018

Enter The Portal - Movie soundtrack and workshop, Milton Keynes 2018

Midsummer Boulevard - Movie soundtrack composition (also credited as 'sound editor'), MK 2018  

Vodaphone Rocket - Workshops leading to an installation. Sound/Sculpture collaboration. MK 2018

A Staircase In Hradec Kralove - Composition for dance, Hradec Kralove Czech Republic 2018

Peddlars Pack – Mobile installation, Milton Keynes Fringe Festival 2018

Peddlars Pack – Mobile installation, Bedlam Fair, Bath 2018

Three Cars – Mobile Installation, Spare Parts Festival, Sandbach 2018

Robot Orchestra (performing 'Pieces') - installation, Milton Keynes 2018

Fire - installation, Feast of Fire festival Milton Keynes 2017
Corner Of Your Ear – competition entry, RMN Contemporary, 2017
Birds / Bathyscope – algorithmic sound installation, Milton Keynes 2017
Mountain Birds  - sound festival, 2016
Bathyscope - independent movie soundtrack, 2016
Shy Crickets - installation at photographic exhibition, 2016
Dust and Sunshine, composition for ROOTS dance performance, Milton Keynes 2015
Prison or God / The Form of the Form,  Indices On The Body installation, Birmingham 2015


Recently invited to collaborate with Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia.

Approx two years facilitating workshops as Education Coordinator for Fermynwoods.

Qualified teacher status.

Recorded pieces and CD’s as ‘Producer’ :

Ten Beautiful Songs – Faleana, 2017

Avignon - Steve Gifford, 2016

Head In a Noose, The Screaming House Madrigals, 2016

Hurricane, Naomi Rose, 2016

Screaming House Madrigals, The Screaming House Madrigals 2015

Fear Of Ray, The Fear Of Ray, 2015

Exquisite Music For Discerning Adults, Faleana 2014

It’s Nice ‘Cos You Can Listen To It Again, Scribal Gathering, 2011

Next Time Around, Glass Tears, 2014

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