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Free Tech - Audio Plugins

At my studio - Pokey Sticks - developing pieces of technology is often part of chasing a creative idea. You can download some of the Pokey Sticks vst plugins for free. Some are about subtle, super hi-fi refinement. Some are a little unruly. No guarantees are given! But they are all created out of necessity and used regularly! (windows format vst. I use Reaper as my DAW, but they should work with most.)

*Now with updated, 'Actually Works Again(tm)' links!

The Honest range of filters...

A set of analogue modelled first order filters with perfect time-domain response and zero 'weird digital jaggies'. Windows VST plugins: Honest Highpass, Honest Lowpass, Honest Band Gain (has a nice pre-emphasis curve in the response a-la Pultec), and Honest High Shelf Gain (and find out what your old filter was doing wrong!)

The Very Sexy range of filters...

Still using a super-smooth analogue modelling technique, these filters are based on the kind of circuit that made (very) old school devices expensive, exotic, not always truthful, and very sexy. Fortune favours the brave! :)

Bulova - exiter

Adds controlled, frequency dependent harmonic distortion for subtle charisma, valve-ee colour and big-ness, cheery fun trashy-ness, warm vocal mid range saturation, etc. All good, all low level simulated analogue circuitry :)

Unclean Delay

Tape style delay (plus precise delay-time!). Every repeat becomes increasingly filtered and blurred causing more and more complexity as the echo continues. Try lowpassing very low - around 500Hz, some saturation and a long repeat time for that super-thick original Reggae thing...

Electron Cloud

The 'other kind' of valve distortion you may not have heard of. A subtle piece of analogue complexity for another small part of the valve puzzle. 

Tasty Compressor

Yummy Classic Opto Compression plus mysterious enhancements. What the Beatles wish they'd had.

*Updated version! - Tasty Compressor VU

Now has a handy VU meter to show the gain reduction :)

**Duble extra update! - Tasty Compressor Uberchunks!

Quick, Clean and Handy - the Steep Highpass filters!


Surgical cuts to remove subsonics. Zero weird hidden mess, and zero controls too! In the Dependable, High Quality, Plug-And-Forget stylee :)

Reliable and well tested Theremin circuit


The very fine 'Cyberman' Theremin circuit. Simple, dependable, inexpensive... Check the blog post for more details... 

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