The fireflies orchestra builds on the technology that allows the co-ordination of a large number of intelligent electronic sound-object performers. The new microtonal composition draws on the sea and coastal countryside. Unique harmonies are found inside the natural and unintended-man-made sounds specific to the place and developed into the composition. The large number of sound objects creates the possibility of a complex and immersive experience. 

'A meeting point between ambient sound and composition, between sound and musical perception and between technology and nature.'

'Really beautiful and thought provoking piece.'

Fireflies at NN Contemporary

Installation at NN consumed a rather frightening quantity of electrical wire but saw the orchestra performing happily by the end of it!

Fireflies at NN, installed with minus two minutes to spare!..

Some confessions of the untidy building process... :)

Crazy large speaker inside this object makes this 

piece really heavy! Quite a powerhouse of the orchestra. 

Lots of these...

Cybernetic enhancement of an organ pipe

And lots of these too...

Last minute techy issues solved with string, cardboard tube and sticky tape. I seem to be particularly proud of this bit!

Initial investigations into a seagull derived chord. Plenty of analog

wire-ee chaos and plenty of digital (what do you call digital chaos?) involved in experiments like this!