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Some more previous work

Vodaphone Rocket - Sound workshops complementing a sculpture, leading to a multi channel installation 

In workshops, young children helped construct a huge cardboard rocket with artist Jessica Rost and participated in the creation of space sounds with Stuart Moore. The final sculpture and soundscape was installed in Milton Keynes Library. The soundscape was realised as a multi-channel piece including rocket appropriate cardboard speakers. Multi-channel playback was by an efficient, controllable and easily installed Raspberry Pi based system. 

cardboard speaker 2.jpg
cardboard speaker 1.jpg

Deeply integrated cardboard tech!

Space Scene clip -

Easily the largest cardboard rocket I've ever seen!

'But it sounds like we're in space.' - workshop participant

'He's an actual wizard' - Jessica Rost

Anchor rocket

Midsummer Boulevard - Movie music, editing and foley

A short thriller - this scene uses a piece of more 'conventional' music, designed to express tension while its percussive nature reflects the running footsteps. I was also involved in editing and foley for this piece, made for the opening of the Vagabond Film Festival. 

Anchor movie 1

Architecture inspired composition for dance - 'A Staircase in Hradec Kralove'

A piece for the dance collective Beautiful Confusion for a festival of dance in the Czech Republic. The dancers interpreted a specific architectural space in movement and the composition interpreted the space in sound. 


Both literal and more 'hidden' elements were taken from the architecture and surrounding location to create the sound. More oblique elements include using room resonances to build a set of harmonies that reflect the sound of the space. 

More research is underway to bring multi-channel and live processed sound to exiting new collaborations with this group... 

Anchor BC

Enter The Portal - movie soundtrack (microtonal composition)

An animated movie made with the help of a group of children and about the place where they live. The soundtrack was built from environmental and found sounds from the area and developed into its specific harmonic system.

Director Rachel Wright, Producer Ursula White for Vagabond Cinema. 

Anchor movie2

Feast of Fire - microtonal composition

A composition to express the moods and qualities of fire. Also a study of colour and temperature in sound. Created for the Feast of Fire by Walk The Plank, Milton Keynes 2017.

Anchor FOF

MK Calling - algorithmic sound installation

Based around electronic performers equipped with sensors and capable of decision making. They created a microtonal soundscape based on the compositions 'Birds' and 'Bathyscope'. Constant, unpredictable improvising on their part meant the performance was always changing and unique.  

Electronic performers

Anchor MKC

An extract from 'Birds'. Microtonal pitches and other qualities are taken from birdsong to explore the internal world of bird music.

Sonic concepts and technology - Some of the technology and concepts used to develop these and other pieces are discussed in the blog. Please check it out! Some technology is made freely available. For the bold, contact me - there is plenty more too untame to put on the website!

Compositions on CD - a number of albums are available, including both microtonal composition and production work for other bands. Please contact me for details. 

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