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Human Theremins is an interactive exploration of the meeting point between sound, nature, the body and the emotional connection to place. Human Theremin just completed its first outing at Fermyn Woods where the participants created a microtonal composition using breath, movement, heartbeat, and space-between-people. See below for some moments from the experience and also the final composition. Many thanks to everyone there! :)  

  "So empowering."   Participant at Human Theremin, Fermyn Woods. 

Human Theremin used quite a few new pieces of tech. An adaptation on the Theremin that responds very organically and immediately to the space between two people. A motion sensitive device that allows movement to create sound. A type of heart sensor that extracts not the sound but the chaotic rhythmic component of your heartbeat, and a very sensitive device that responds to breath. Loads of possibilities to explore yet with these new toys :) Construction details and circuits and such coming to the website as soon as I find a mo to get that done... :)


Some moments here from people hard at work at  the Human Theremin experience at Fermyn Woods...

...and also the completed composition...

Hearts n Beeps n Birds - Participants at Fermyn Woods

A little bit of development work on the

motion sensitive device...

Busy working! Conscious and unconscious movement can create sound and express our emotional connections. But there's lots of bits of string and stuff to go yet!

Work in progress - a tiny piece of the infinite chaos :)

A step on the way! Did you know there's electricity trapped in the space between us?.. :)

More developments - A first trial of part of the tech. This is a composition created live and spontaneously at Illuminating Arts by four participants using heartbeat, breath and space-between-people. 

Did you know that bees can feel the presence of a flower at a distance in just the same way? 


This heart sensor has got a little complex. But then hearts are complex, aren't they? :) A quick, first test of these non-regular rhythms..

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