Most Recent - Little Robot Heartbeats.

Little Robot Heartbeats

An online workshop with a shared physical making component facilitated by the magic of Sending Stuff Out In The Post(tm). All about the overlap between the Natural and Digital worlds. Also about dimensionality, the roots of vision, and blowing into stethoscopes...


Some hardware that was part of the workshop experience - a cyber stethoscope and a device that allows you to see like a snail. Its a kind of 1D vision with no image that I think shows seeing is really feeling at a distance. Contrasting this low dimensional vision, an experiment in taking an image, placing it on a 2D plane then tilting it in 500 dimensional space. Thats how I think of  it anyway... :)

'Ooh, I've got an idea!'  - Little Robot Heartbeats participant

Working on now, coming soon!

A 'custom' video mixer thats part of a piece about Emergent Behaviour.  My theory is that you dont really want to mouse and click when mixing video. You want to pull the big lever and bellow 'cross fade now!' over the sound of the storm. I'm liking this ones hat. Probably still need bigger levers...

Screenshot from 2022-08-03 01-05-20.png

There's a lot underway for the early autumn and some exiting projects lined up for after that. I've been working a lot with organically inspired AI and it's been been my pleasure to work with Northamptonshire Hospital Outreach bringing some workshops to teenagers. And I think I have re-named my studio The Floating Bear...


Education is an utterly key issue. If you're here because I'm pitching at you for a gig, then please go and listen to me brag some more over the the Education page! :)

A few Random Highlights (tm)


The Sound Of The Space You Displace

Some more details on this interactive installation.

Award winning dontchaknow :) 

Stuart Moore 4_1 resize.jpg


A multichannel sound installation finding microtonal harmonies in nature.


Human Theremins

Bonkers sound interactivity reviewed as 

"A runaway success of the program".



A little bit about my workshops and educational work.


Clam Vision

A recent set of projects have involved animal inspired machine vision including interpretations of the eyes of a clam, a fly, a crab and a snail...

3D Printed Landscapes of Heartbeats in a Phone box (!)

Physical interpretations of maps by James Steventon that combine physical place and human heartbeat in Fermynwoods Phone Box Gallery

Many Hands Make Light Work

Working with Sara Gillet. Rockingham Castle - Past, Present and Imagined in an interactive Minecraft style. This one caught the attention of the Arts Council newsletter! :)


The Sound of the Space You Displace

An award winning (I'm very happy to say!) installation that interprets unavoidable aspects of your presence into sound. Made from AI, sticky tape, bricks, tinfoil, etc... :)


Part of a series of online pieces - turning the Fermynwoods website into an AI driven Interactive Thingy (lots of little figures dance around in their web page world). 

Toggler (workshop)

Another part of the Toggler project was a series of workshops with excluded teenagers. Here they created with noise, light, a drawing robot and the Will To Dominate (tm). 


A Sound Flower

Part of current investigations into capturing human and organic qualities and expressing them via machine. Here innate organic properties as found in the sound of a breath are combined with an algorithm process. Which is to say,looking for the person in the machine and the machine in the person. Or something like that :)


Expressive Machines

A hybrid workshop where we got computers to lie to other computers to have various kinds of bonkers and sometimes etch-a-sketch inspired creative fun.


Making Robots That Make Pictures

A project in a mainstream school where we made some machines that moved like drunk Muppets. Now that really was a lot of fun :)

And more

(as soon as I get around to it. Best get some detail into this stuff first!.. :) )